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NEW PRICING! FarmBot Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now $200 off
NEW PRICING! Now save up $200 off a FarmBot

Genesis v1.6 Electronics Box

Original price $390.00 - Original price $390.00
Original price
$390.00 - $390.00
Current price $390.00

This rainproof box protects FarmBot's electronics from rain and debris. It features an easy-to-use tool-less double latch design for quickly opening and closing the box, a rubber gasket to keep moisture out, and a custom gland for all of FarmBot's cables to be passed through. The lid, latches, and box are made of UV stabilized materials.

The fully assembled box with electronics includes the following components pre-mounted:

  • v1.6 Farmduino with integrated Trinamic TMC2130 stepper drivers and UTM-connected H-Bridge for 24v motorized tools.
  • Raspberry Pi 4B+
  • Pi Adapter Board
  • Five push buttons with wiring harnesses (one red, one yellow, and three white)
  • Four LED indicator lights with wiring harnesses (one blue, one green, and two white)
  • USB Adapter Cable
  • Raspberry Pi Power Cable
  • Farmduino Data Cable

Please note: the microSD card and 24V power supply are not included but can be purchased separately.

There are two versions of the electronics box with different versions of the Farmduino v1.6 board that have different peripheral connectors. If you are upgrading from a Genesis v1.4 or v1.5 machine, select version 1 so you do not need new peripheral cables.

If you are replacing an electronics box, select the version that came with your FarmBot. Inspect the Farmduino's peripheral connectors to verify which version you have.