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NEW: FarmBot Express and Genesis MAX
NEW: FarmBot Express and Genesis MAX

v1.4 Power Supply (24V, 6.25A)


This IP67 rated waterproof power supply features a standard 3-prong US power plug for the input and a waterproof screw-together connector for the output. The included modular output cable is available in 3m (Genesis) and 4.5m (Genesis XL) lengths. The output cable is compatible with v1.4 Farmduinos included with the v1.4 FarmBot kits.

Note: previous power supplies provided a 12V output. The v1.4 power supply provides a 24V output and compatibility with v1.3 Farmduino boards or RAMPS is not recommended.

Output Power: 24 volt, 6.25 amp DC
Modular Output Cable: 2-core 16 AWG black cable with waterproof screw-together plug on one end and a red 2-pin molex connector to plug into the Farmduino
Modular Output Cable Lengths: 3m (Genesis), 4.5m (Genesis XL)
Input Power: 110 or 220 volt AC
Input Cable: 0.3m long black cable with standard US 3-prong plug
Waterproof Rating: IP67
Brand: Weho