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FarmBot at Universities

Hundreds of universities in the United States and abroad have procured FarmBot technology for their advanced research labs to empower students studying soil science, agriculture, botany, engineering, and more with learn-by-doing capstone experiences and research opportunities like no other

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Adopted by leading universities and institutions

FarmBot research organizations FarmBot research organizations

Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech University, in partnership with surrounding schools, have deployed over 10 FarmBot Genesis systems in a multi-generational, research-based fashion that engages undergraduate students, doc students, and faculty.

The powerful sequence editor, integrated camera, and custom Lua code are used in concert to design experiments of all types, while precision movements along all three axes deliver repeatable results.

California Polytechnic State University

San Luis Obispo, California

Cal Poly has partnered with FarmBot since 2014 to provide design, engineering, entrepreneurship, and marketing projects to senior project teams.

“Partnering with Cal Poly has been a win-win-win. The students have the opportunity to work on a meaningful, real-world project; the university is better preparing students to enter the workforce; and FarmBot is able to bring inspired creative thinkers into our R&D process.”

Rory AronsonCEO, FarmBot Inc

Liberty University

Lynchburg, Virginia

Liberty University engineering senior design teams have partnered with FarmBot since 2019 to design and prototype new tool concepts compatible with the FarmBot Genesis universal tool mounting system.

“Engineering capstone teams from Liberty University have partnered with FarmBot to develop proof of concept designs for seeding and weed trimming. The teams were able to prove their designs are simple and functional, and they went above and beyond to create fun and engaging video commercials demonstrating their prototypes and the design process.

We look forward to the next innovation in FarmBot tool development with Liberty University!”

Marc RolandProject Lead

Bring FarmBot to your school

Over 500 educational institutions have purchased FarmBot kits to engage and inspire the next generation of farmers, engineers, plant scientists, and coders. Join them and bring this cutting-edge technology to your students. Email for pricing quotes.

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