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All kits ship FREE to US customers
All kits ship FREE to US customers

FarmBot Kits


  • FarmBot Genesis v1.5 Pre-Order


    Our flagship kit for prosumers and enthusiasts, Genesis covers 125% the area of Express and has more advanced features and customization options. ...

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  • Save 10%

    FarmBot Genesis XL v1.5 Pre-Order

    Original price $4,995.00
    Current price $4,495.00

    Covering 4x the area of Genesis, Genesis XL can grow enough veggies for a family of four, provides ample room for student competitions, and can ta...

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  • Save 25%

    FarmBot Express v1.0

    Original price $1,995.00
    Current price $1,495.00

    FarmBot Express is our most economical FarmBot with the shortest setup time. It is suitable for mobile or fixed raised beds at schools, research l...

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  • Save 21%

    FarmBot Express XL v1.0

    Original price $2,395.00
    Current price $1,895.00

    Express XL is 4x larger than Express and capable of feeding a family of four. If you have the space, increase your yield and return on investment ...

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