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All kits ship FREE to US customers
All kits ship FREE to US customers

FarmBot in Education

See how students, teachers, professors, and educational institutions around the world are using FarmBot as a STEM-based learning and research tool

Virginia Tech University

Uses FarmBot in a multi-generational, research-based fashion that engages undergraduate students, doc students, and faculty at the university and K-12 level.

“We have traditionally set education up as a drudgery. But when you set it up to where it’s a challenge, and you set no parameters – you let them go their own direction – this is how learning really takes place as opposed to the contrived school setting.”

John G. Wells, Ph.D.Associate Professor of Technology Education, Virgina Tech

Solana Ranch Elementary

Engaged kids and volunteers during their Green Apple Day of Service to construct their first FarmBot and connect it to a solar panel.

“Not only did we enjoy a great day connecting with students, parents and the community in general, there is great satisfaction knowing that the FarmBot and garden will be teaching the next generation Solana Ranch Elementary School STREAM students to be sustainability leaders.”

Kyle FrandsenFarmBot Kit Donor, Balfour Beatty Construction

Vex Robotics

Saw multiple student teams submit FarmBot themed projects to the 2017 and 2018 World Championship held in Louisville, Kentucky.

“The neatest thing happened when we were leaving the STEM room: we ran into the Discobots, another team whose project was on the FarmBot! The girls were in awe and this was the best part of their day. We took pics with the Discobots and their version of the FarmBot.”

Michelle CourtneyWarriorBots Purple Parent Chaperone, Lamar County Schools, Mississippi

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Has partnered with FarmBot Inc since 2014 to provide design, engineering, entrepreneurship, and marketing projects to students across disciplines.

“Partnering with Cal Poly has been a win-win-win. The students have the opportunity to work on a meaningful, real-world project; the university is better preparing students to enter the workforce; and FarmBot is able to bring inspired creative thinkers into our R&D process.”

Rory AronsonCEO, FarmBot Inc

Davenport West High

Is building a FarmBot that will be used by students at Buffalo Elementary to bring fresh produce to the local Freight House Farmers Market.

“We try to keep the kids engaged, and also to prepare the students for the future”

Heidi GillilandPrincipal, Buffalo Elementary

Ready to bring FarmBot to your school?

Over 400 educational institutions have purchased FarmBot kits to engage and inspire the next generation of farmers, engineers, plant scientists, and coders. Join them and bring this cutting-edge technology to your students.