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NEW PRICING! Now save up $200 off a FarmBot

Phenotyping with FarmBot

High throughput | Fully automated | Customizable

Connect to Anything

By utilizing FarmBot's open-source architecture and documentation, you can connect your own software and hardware solutions to our API's for realtime control, data manipulation, and other custom solutions.

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Unlimited experimental permutations

Within the FarmBot web app you can create an unlimited number of plant groups, implement custom naming conventions, and precisely control how each group is taken care of from the seed depth to the watering regimen.

Data acquisition can be scheduled at any interval, unlocking opportunities for collecting more data points and at odd hours - freeing researchers from labor intensive tasks and the potential for error.


Own the farm of tomorrow, today

The world population is rapidly increasing. Consumer preferences are shifting. Our impact on the environment necessitates immediate action.

Piloting and deploying FarmBot technology can help you unlock the new efficiencies and growing methods required to address the needs of 21st century food demand. You’ll also be joining a global community of other cutting-edge universities and research institutions who have placed robotics innovation at the forefront of their strategy.

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