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FarmBot at Home

Using FarmBot to feed your family

Prioritizing Sustainability

Climate change, plastic packaging, food-miles travelled, pesticide use, and even the general availability of fresh produce are all reasons you may consider installing a FarmBot at home.

If you're ready for a project to geek out on, consider our top-of-the-line FarmBot Genesis kits. If you're seeking a more hands-off approach and want to get setup quickly, consider our FarmBot Express kits.

“One thing with the FarmBot that we wanted to do is... a lot of people grow easy plants. But with a FarmBot we can grow challenging plants.”

Garrett Sudweeksv1.2 FarmBot Genesis owner

Fun for the Whole Family

"I would think I’m like so many others that you’ve had an impact on…. You’ve made it so much fun to grow vegetables for my family with your amazing technology."

socalrobv1.5 FarmBot Genesis owner

FarmBot Genesis v1.5
FarmBot Genesis v1.5 giving water to a dog

Even the Dog 🐶

"My Irish Wolfhound Docker, yes , I am a total geek with that name, has trained me to move the FarmBot into the corner of the raised bed and turn on the water, where he laps up a quick thirst quenching sequence.

On another note, I added a second 24V solenoid valve to the side of the raised bed and hooked it up to a drip irrigation system for some external plants to be watered, as an extra peripheral, it works like a charm."

jturbettv1.5 FarmBot Genesis owner

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