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Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now in stock!
Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now in stock!

FarmBot in K-12 Education

Over 500 K-12 schools across the United States have integrated FarmBot into their curriculum — inspiring the next generation of farmers and engineers

Bring FarmBot to your school

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🏫 High School

FarmBot in high schools can provide a hands-on extracurricular technical project that inspires students to pursue further education in STEM fields such as electronics, mechanical engineering, robotics, and soil science.

West High School

Davenport, Iowa

Students at West High assembled and programmed a FarmBot Genesis v1.3 kit that will be used by students at Buffalo Elementary to bring fresh produce to the local Freight House Farmers Market.

“We try to keep the kids engaged, and also to prepare the students for the future”

Heidi GillilandPrincipal, Buffalo Elementary

Coles County 4-H

Mattoon, Illinois

A group of Coles County 4-H’ers picked a crop of Kale, Parsley, Sage, and Thyme from the raised bed of the University of Illinois Extension’s new FarmBot Genesis XL v1.6 educational display, which was completed in the fall of 2022 at the Cross County Mall.

Club member Matthias Hacker, 14, of Westfield learned how to use FarmBot’s computer-aided farming capabilities as he helped with the project. During the harvest, Hacker said he was glad to see other youths learning about the FarmBot and the crops.

“First harvest in the books!”

Kim Morrison4-H Youth Development Educator

🎒 Middle School

FarmBot in middle schools provides a cutting-edge, hands-on, and engaging project for students to learn a variety of STEM subjects. Plant science, coding, operation of CNC equipment, electronics, and hardware engineering just scratch the surface.

Because FarmBot can be operated entirely remotely, it can provide distance learning opportunities from computer labs or home.

Student engineers at West Hollow Middle School use FarmBot Genesis XL to practice coding and build the future of food together.

🍏 Elementary

FarmBot at elementary schools can inspire younger students to pursue STEM-based careers by connecting currciculum to real-world, hands-on problem solving.

The immediate feedback and instant gratification of programming sequences and pressing the RUN button keeps kids engaged and sparks creativity.

Elementary students and volunteers constructed their first FarmBot and connected it to a solar panel during the Solana Ranch Green Apple Day of Service.

Vex Robotics Club

Lamar County, Mississippi

Multiple student teams submitted FarmBot themed projects to the 2017 and 2018 Vex World Championship held in Louisville, Kentucky.

“The neatest thing happened when we were leaving the STEM room: we ran into the Discobots, another team whose project was on the FarmBot! The girls were in awe and this was the best part of their day. We took pics with the Discobots and their version of the FarmBot.”

Michelle CourtneyWarriorBots Purple Parent Chaperone, Lamar County Schools, Mississippi


Open Educational Resources

Included with every FarmBot kit is access to our openly licensed and free to use educational resources for teaching FarmBot technology and related subject matter. Included are slide decks, lecture notes, activities, and full lesson plans - everything you need for a turnkey educational experience that meets Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.



Mechanics, design, and material properties; using tools; reading and following technical documentation and assembly instructions; and electronics and wiring.


Software basics; modularization; databases and data; APIs; and using the web app to control and configure FarmBot with the sequence builder, regimen builder, and farm designer.


Plants and their nutritional and medicinal properties; soils; the environment; and agricultural techniques, history, and impacts.


Climate change; the water cycle; the carbon cycle; impacts of agriculture; carbon footprint of FarmBot; lifecycle analysis of FarmBot; powering FarmBot with solar; using collected rainwater with FarmBot; food miles travelled; carbon intensity of various foods.

Bring FarmBot to your school

Over 500 educational institutions have purchased FarmBot kits to engage and inspire the next generation of farmers, engineers, plant scientists, and coders. Join them and bring this cutting-edge technology to your students. Email for pricing quotes.

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