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All kits ship FREE to US customers!
All kits ship FREE to US customers!

FarmBot for Research

Pioneering the future of agriculture

Adopted by leading universities and institutions

FarmBot research organizations FarmBot research organizations


Kennedy Space Center, Florida

In July of 2017, the FarmBot core team and other open-source food groups were invited to the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida to participate in a 2-day event to brainstorm innovative open-source approaches to food production.

To date, NASA scientists and engineers draw inspiration from their FarmBot Genesis v1.2 device when designing the systems that will ultimately grow food off-world.


UC Berkeley, California

AlphaGarden is a robotic artwork that juxtaposes natural and artificial intelligence. It invites viewers to reflect on the natural world and our role and place within it.

The project in progress consists of an automated robot [FarmBot Genesis] that has been installed over a 3 meters long by 1.5 meters wide garden at the University of California at Berkeley.

Deep Learning AI policies attempt to control the three-axis robot that tends the garden, which includes edible plants and invasive species in a biodiverse polyculture environment.

Visit the AlphaGarden website →


From theory to reality


Zurich, Switzerland

Students at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences developed a carrot harvesting tool for FarmBot Genesis as a bachelor thesis.

The harvesting process takes place in two steps: first, the harvester removes the soil around the carrot, then the gripper grabs the carrot with its adaptive fingers and pulls it out of the soil.

Testing made easy

FarmBot takes care of each plant individually, empowering you to quickly design and run experiments that test various growing methods, input quantities, timing, and more.


Conduct experiments of any complexity without human error, and then quickly and accurately repeat those experiments as many times as needed. Scheduling events is as easy as using a calendar app.


Scale to as many plants, crops, inputs, and operations as needed. Easily test unlimited groups simultaneously (not just A and B), and even run multiple experiments at once using the same FarmBot.


With FarmBot, you can set up experiments to run 24/7 and monitor the system remotely. Using the sequence builder, automatically collect data at any frequency, rather than using checklists or paper forms.


Run tedious experiments with many procedures without incurring higher labor costs or introducing human error. Compared to bespoke testing equipment, FarmBot can offer greater flexibility for a fraction of the cost.

Affordable Automation

Your operation is no longer limited to daytime or an 8-hour shift. With FarmBot, you can schedule operations to run at any time, non-stop, to ensure your plants are taken care of according to your desired regimen.

Unlike human labor, FarmBot never fatigues, requires breaks, and it doesn't even need sunlight to see what it is doing. Plus, training new FarmBots is as easy as copy and paste.

Scale to hundreds of plants

Our largest FarmBot - Genesis XL - covers an area 3m x 6m in size, allowing you to simultaneously take care of hundreds of plants at once.

By placing vining and indeterminant plants at the edges of the bed, you can double or triple the amount of area foliage can utilize.



FarmBot is not a standalone product – it is a farming platform that can be modified and augmented to meet the unique needs of your operation.

Need to systematically control grow lights, heaters, and fans in your greenhouse? You can do all of that and more from the same FarmBot web interface that you’ll use to grow the plants.


Own the farm of tomorrow, today

The world population is rapidly increasing. Consumer preferences are shifting. Our impact on the environment necessitates immediate action.

Piloting and deploying FarmBot technology can help you unlock the new efficiencies and growing methods required to address the needs of 21st century food demand. You’ll also be joining a global community of other cutting-edge universities and research institutions who have placed robotics innovation at the forefront of their strategy.

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