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24v Vacuum Pump with EMI Filter

Original price $40.00 - Original price $40.00
Original price
$40.00 - $40.00
Current price $40.00
This 24V vacuum pump sucks air through the seeder’s luer lock needle in order to suction-hold a seed on the needle tip during planting. It features a PCB directly soldered onto the back of the motor to provide EMI filtering and smooth startup current draw. Compatible with 24V based FarmBots.

Note that there are two versions of the pump with different connectors:
  • Pump with three silver 3/16" male quick-connect terminals (shipped with Genesis v1.6 kits prior to January 2023)
  • Pump with a 3-pin 2.54mm pitch black connector (Molex part 70543-0037) (shipped with Genesis v1.6 kits in January 2023 and later)
Ensure you select the correct version of the pump that is compatible with your vacuum pump cable.

Input Voltage: 24V DC
Current Draw: 0.5A