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Open Educational Resources

Included with every FarmBot kit is access to our openly licensed and free to use educational resources for teaching FarmBot technology and related subject matter. Included are slide decks, lecture notes, activities, and full lesson plans - everything you need for a turnkey educational experience that meets Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.



Mechanics, design, and material properties; using tools; reading and following technical documentation and assembly instructions; and electronics and wiring.


Software basics; modularization; databases and data; APIs; and using the web app to control and configure FarmBot with the sequence builder, regimen builder, and farm designer.


Plants and their nutritional and medicinal properties; soils; the environment; and agricultural techniques, history, and impacts.


Climate change; the water cycle; the carbon cycle; impacts of agriculture; carbon footprint of FarmBot; lifecycle analysis of FarmBot; powering FarmBot with solar; using collected rainwater with FarmBot; food miles travelled; carbon intensity of various foods.