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NEW PRICING! FarmBot Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now $200 off
NEW PRICING! Now save up $200 off a FarmBot

Our Premium Hardware

We’ve gone through great lengths to design, manufacture, and source only the highest quality components for our kits. During the last few weeks we took photos of all our hardware so that our Bill of Materials and other webpages accurately reflect our product. Check out the photos!  

All (300+) FarmBots have been shipped!

As of yesterday afternoon, all of the 1st production run orders have left our warehouse. This includes all orders placed before January 7th that we have verified addresses for. If you ordered before January 7th and haven't verified your address yet, please respond to this email with where you want us to send your FarmBot.
While the process of final packaging and shipping took longer than we anticipated, we learned a lot about how to set up an efficient assembly line, the paperwork requirements for international orders, and the ins and outs of working with logistics providers. Check out our (now) nearly empty warehouse!

Pre-Order FarmBot Genesis v1.3

We're accepting pre-orders for FarmBot Genesis v1.3. This version will incorporate feedback from the community and our testing, and will ship in July. Pre-order your FarmBot!
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