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November 1, 2017 Software Update

In addition to switching message brokers yesterday, we updated today with the following new features and fixes: App:
  • Improved account creation workflow.
  • Autmatically refresh when toggling internationalization.
  • Misc. visual and bug fixes.
Farm Designer:
  • Increase range of map zoom out (two additional levels).
  • Display visual indicators for peripheral state in the garden map. Currently supported peripherals include LIGHTSVACUUM and WATER.
Farm Events:
  • Set initial values for start and end time in the future.
Sequences: Sequences and Regimens:
  • Only show the sequence commands and scheduler panels when a sequence or regimen is selected.
  • Added a toggle to view first party farmware.
  • Add gear menu with button to (re)install first-party farmwares.
  • Add links to software documentation in Weed Detector and Camera Calibration widget help text.
Today’s software release does not include an update to FarmBotOS.
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