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Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now in stock!
Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now in stock!

Mountains of FarmBots are heading out the door

Over the last three weeks we've been working hard in the FarmBot warehouse to do the final QA checks and packaging for all 350 FarmBot kits. While the process has taken longer than we hoped for, we're certain it will be worth the wait for everyone. By Monday, we will have shipped out all of the US orders for those who have verified their address with us. If you haven't yet verified your address, please respond to this email. International orders have started to ship out too, though the exporting and customs paperwork required for each country has been slowing down the process. We appreciate your continued patience as we work through these logistics. Once your FarmBot hits the mailstream, you will receive an automated email with the tracking information.

Check out our assembly line

Here are just some of the parts that we counted out and put into little bags. You can see how 350 FarmBots worth of packing could take quite a while!

This assembly line was used to make one of the top-level kit bags.

About 150 completed bags from the above assembly line.

The top-level assembly line includes: the hardware kit, plate kit, motor kit, cable bags, cable carriers, electronics boxes, power supply, miscellaneous bag, getting started guide, thank-you card, and stickers. Phew!

Completed FarmBot kits with shipping labels applied.

Dozens of FarmBots on their way to you!

We're all sold out! (sort of)

On January 7th we pre-sold the last FarmBot Genesis Kit as part of our first production run. That means that any pre-orders placed now and into the future will be part of our second production run and ship later. We're still working out the timeline for the second run, but a conservative ship date is in July. Pre-order your FarmBot.

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