March Software Update

Check out what's new with the FarmBot software stack since last month: We now have over 70 awesome crop icons made for common garden vegetables. Simply drag and drop plants into the farm designer to see for yourself! Have a favorite crop that you want an icon for? Just respond to this email with the crop name and we'll add it to our list. We've introduced the concept of Farmware: software plugins that you can install on your FarmBot to extend its functionality. So far we have a few 1st-party farmwares in the works for taking photos, calibrating the camera, and identifying weeds. Once the farmware infrastructure stabilizes, we'll document how you can create 3rd-party farmwares of your own! We've added new Sequence builder commands for running farmwares and taking photos. Coming soon is the ability to run any farmware you have installed from your sequences. Camera calibration and weed detection farmwares are now in beta and have their own widget on the web app. With camera calibration, you can calibrate your camera so that pixels in the photos are converted to coordinates in the FarmBot system. And with weed detection, you can use the camera to identify weeds. Over the next few weeks these features will come out of beta and come built-in to the app and OS.

Other important software updates

Starting with v3.0.8 of FarmBot OS, the Arduino firmware will be bundled into the OS so there are never compatibility problems between the two codebases.

Shipping update

We're continuing to do QA checks and ship out devices as fast as we can. Once your FarmBot hits the mail stream, you will receive an automated email with tracking information. Please be patient as we have many orders to process.

We're all sold out! (sort of)

On January 7th we pre-sold the last FarmBot Genesis Kit as part of our first production run. That means that any pre-orders placed now and into the future will be part of our second production run and ship later. We're still working out the timeline for the second run, but a conservative ship date is in July. Pre-order your FarmBot.

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