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January Software Update

Check out what's new in the FarmBot software world:

New Status Ticker

We completely rebuilt the logs and status ticker, combining them into one dropdown located at the top of the app. Now you can see what your FarmBot is up to, live from any screen. You'll also find many new message types including network connection and other system messages; current regimen, sequence, and step messages; and even some easter eggs! Furthermore, all logs are now stored in the backend database allowing you to see your bot's history, even if it goes offline.

Tools and Toolbays

We've added an entirely new page to the web app so you can create and manage your Tools and Toolbays. Each Toolbay has Slots that you can virtually load your Tools into, and then FarmBot can reference that location for completing its duties.

Importable Coordinates

Move Absolute Steps can now import coordinates from an object in the FarmBot database such as the Tools in a Toolbay! Coming soon: The ability to import coordinates from Plants and Weeds.

If-Else Statement

The If Statement Step has been polished up and now supports the Else condition. This will allow you to make conditional Sequences such as the one shown below for monitoring soil moisture and watering if its too dry.


The FarmBot Configurator has been completely refactored. It now looks better, supports ethernet connections for Raspberry Pi 1 and 2 users, and shows logs for debugging purposes.

Crop Icons!

We've begun developing the open-source crop icons that will be used on the farm designer. By the end of February we plan to have 100 icons for the most commonly grown vegetables, and we hope to continue developing icons in the months to come.

Other important software updates

  • FarmBot OS now supports Raspberry Pi 1 and 2!
  • Continuous Integration is setup for all major codebases which allows us to systematically test our builds before we push to the servers
  • Toast Notifications have been refactored and now include a countdown timer indicating how much time is left before the notification disappears
  • Increased test coverage across the codebases
  • Regimens can now be edited on mobile devices

We're all sold out! (sort of)

On January 7th we pre-sold the last available FarmBot Genesis Kit as part of our first production run. That means that any pre-orders placed now and into the future will be part of our second production run and ship later than February. We're still working out the timeline for the second run, but a conservative ship date is in July. Pre-order your FarmBot.
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