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FarmBot Genesis v1.4 and Genesis XL Update 2

FarmBot Genesis v1.4 and Genesis XL Update 2

Our largest manufacturing run yet of the v1.4 FarmBot Genesis and Genesis XL devices is nearly complete. These kits are by far the highest quality and most feature-packed hardware products we've put together yet, and we're looking forward to getting them into the hands of all our pre-order customers.

Already, a small number of kits have been sent out and we anticipate a larger batch shipping this Friday. All remaining pre-orders should be on their way by the first week of September!

We thank you all for your continued patience as we work through the final hurdles of production and ensure the product we send you is 100%.

Check out the images below of the latest hardware, featuring a new Farmduino design, a UTM with an integrated PCB, and an electronics box with LED push buttons and indicator lights!

Ready to order a v1.4 FarmBot?

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