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NEW PRICING! Now save up $200 off a FarmBot

FarmBot Genesis v1.3 Update

Hey FarmBot community! Over the past few months we've had our heads down working on the next batch of 250 FarmBot Genesis v1.3 kits. There's a long list of improvements we've made since v1.2, and here are the two biggest:


Our new open-source custom electronics board designed specifically for FarmBot. This board combines the functionality of RAMPS and the Arduino Mega into one board with great connectors, easy to read silkscreened labels, and a few other bells and whistles. With Farmduino, wiring up FarmBot will be much faster and less error prone.

Injection Molded Parts

In v1.3, more parts are being injection molded out of a UV stabilized ABS material. Many of these new components are lighter, stronger, and/or less expensive than the ones made in the v1.2 kits, which is what allowed us to lower the cost of the v1.3 kits.

In other news: help save the bees!

Our friends over at Open Source Beehives have created an advanced beehive sensor that could help us discover what is killing the bees, open-source style! They just hit their $20k Kickstarter goal and are pushing to get a BuzzBox in every State in the USA. You can support their efforts by adopting a BuzzBox in your State, purchasing one for your beehive, or checking out their other awesome perks: See the campaign.
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