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FarmBot Featured in USA Today Department of Agriculture Special Edition

FarmBot Featured in USA Today Department of Agriculture Special Edition

From the article:

Bringing high-tech food production to the backyard and classroom

California based FarmBot Inc is bringing a new twist to food production: adapting popular open-source 3D printing technology for the garden. Their flagship products, FarmBot Genesis and FarmBot Express, come as DIY kits that homeowners with a knack for home automation can put together to bring the Internet of Things to their backyard.

The machines can perform the usual tasks of planting seeds and watering. But where things get interesting is in their ability to take photos and scan for weeds. Then, the FarmBot can mount it’s weed whacker attachment - automatically - and go remove the weeds. It really is the future technology we were promised in cartoons like The Jetsons.

Meanwhile, STEM educators in over 500 schools and universities across the US have adopted FarmBots into their curriculum. CEO Rory Aronson says: “At the K-12 level, FarmBot is an incredible teaching tool that touches on robotics, coding, agriculture, nutrition, soil science, and much more. Plus, the students love interacting with the robot.”

At universities, FarmBot is a cutting edge tool for researchers exploring the viability of new seed genetics, inputs, and growing methods. “It really is the perfect platform for running an experiment over a long time frame because computers don’t get bored, tired, or make mistakes like humans do.” To learn more about FarmBot, visit them at

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