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Your new garden awaits

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"Farmbot makes growing food as easy as playing Farmville"

Drag and Drop Farming

Graphically design your farm by dragging and dropping plants into the map. The game-like interface is learned in just a few minutes so you’ll have the whole growing season planned in no time.

Farm from Anywhere

The FarmBot web app can be loaded on any device, giving you the power to manage your garden from anywhere at any time.

Using the manual controls you can send movement commands, operate any of the peripherals, or even use a virtual version of the electronics box buttons. With just a tap, take photos of your veggies, turn the lights on for a night time harvest, or impress the neighbors with a quick demo.

Meanwhile, the jobs popup provides an overview of high level tasks — such as watering a group of plants — allowing you to follow along live as FarmBot performs its scheduled duties.

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The FarmBot App on a tablet

Completely Customizable

Our easy to use sequence editor allows you to completely customize the way your FarmBot operates. Plus, with the built-in library of featured sequences, you can spend less time configuring and more time enjoying the fruits of your FarmBot's labor.

Best of all, no coding is required; simply drag and drop basic commands into your desired order, adjust the parameters, and save.

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The FarmBot App on a tablet

Setup as fast as one hour

Customer ❤️

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Premium Hardware

We've gone to great lengths to design, manufacture, and source only the highest quality components for our kits.

And because everything is made from aluminum, stainless steel, and UV resistant ABS, FarmBot will last for years in outdoor environments.

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Designed from the ground up

FarmBot's drivetrain


All FarmBots are powered by four powerful NEMA 17 stepper motors, GT2 timing belts and pulleys, and a stainless steel precision leadscrew.

FarmBot's electronics box


Our custom electronics feature TMC2130 stepper drivers with built-in stall detection and Raspberry Pi computers for web connectivity.

FarmBot's plates and brackets

Plates and Brackets

Stamped and machined out of 6061 aluminum, our plates are tumble polished, sandblasted, and anodized to achieve a premium aesthetic.

We've got customers in over 90 countries

FarmBot customer map

At home

Grow food for yourself, your family, and your community by installing FarmBot on a raised bed, urban rooftop, or in a small greenhouse at home. Fully automated, hyper-local food production has never been so attainable.

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The Sudweeks Family

Cedar City, Utah

Garrett and Lexie Sudweeks are first generation FarmBot builders passionate about sustainability. Watch them put together their v1.2 FarmBot Genesis kit and hear what it means to them to grow their own food and be a part of the larger open-source FarmBot community.

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Inspiring the next generation

K-12 schools and universities, everywhere

FarmBot is a practical, engaging, and most importantly: FUN hands-on tool for learning robotics, nutrition, soil science, biology, coding, and a myriad of other STEM learning objectives.

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In class

Over 500 educational institutions have purchased FarmBot kits to engage and inspire the next generation of farmers, engineers, plant scientists, and coders.

By tapping into our global community of schools, universities, DIYers, and professionals, your students will gain first hand experience working in a 21st century collaborative development workflow. Join us and bring this cutting-edge STEM-based learning and research experience to your students.

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More Applications

FarmBot for Accessibility

Thrive Upstate is a non-profit in Greenville, South Carolina that provides people with disabilities services, opportunities, and support, so they may thrive. See how they use FarmBot for horticultural therapy and to empower individuals who otherwise could not grow their own food.

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Growing Food in Space

In 2017, FarmBot and other open-source food groups were invited to NASA to brainstorm open-source approaches to food production. See how FarmBot and our community of open-source contributors are helping humanity grow food in space, on the Moon, and Mars.

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What you can grow

FarmBot is well suited to growing a polycrop of many common garden veggies at the same time. Crops we've had success with include Bok Choy, Lettuces, Radish, Beets, Chard, Arugula, Broccoli, and much more.

By placing vining and other indeterminate crops near the ends of the bed and training them outwards, you can easily double or triple the area your plants can utilize while still being maintained by the FarmBot.

Which FarmBot is right for you?

FarmBot Genesis

Genesis models offer enhanced capabilities, service larger areas, and have a greater ability to be customized and upgraded. They are designed for prosumers and enthusiasts willing to pay a little more to have every feature and capability at their disposal.

FarmBot Express

Choose one of our Express models if you want to get your FarmBot set up as quickly as possible and only need it to do the basics. Express has been designed for the everyday user and efforts have been made to make these bots as affordable as possible.

All kits ship FREE worldwide

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Tech Specs

Genesis v1.6

Genesis XL v1.6

Express v1.1

Express XL v1.1

Max machine area
(service area will be slightly less)
1.5m x 3m (4.5m2)
5ft x 10ft (50ft2)
3m x 6m (18m2)
10ft x 20ft (200ft2)
1.2m x 3m (3.6m2)
4ft x 10ft (40ft2)
2.4m x 6m (14.4m2)
8ft x 20ft (160ft2)
Max machine height
Max plant height
Raised bed interface
Aluminum extrusion tracks
Rolls directly on wood
Percent pre-assembled
Time to assemble
16 hours 18 hours
1 hour
Silver anodized aluminum
Silver anodized aluminum
Plastic parts
UV stabilized gray ABS
Stainless steel and aluminum
Tool head
Universal tool mount
3-in-1 tool head
Interchangeable tooling
Automatic tool changing
Custom tool support
Yes, as interchangeable tool
Integrated into tool head
Watering nozzle
Yes, as interchangeable tool
Integrated into tool head
Yes, as interchangeable tool
Integrated into tool head
Rotary toolNEW!
Yes, as interchangeable tool
Soil moisture sensor
Yes, as interchangeable tool
Soil temperature sensor
(software support coming soon)
Included with moisture sensor
IP67 rainproof USB Camera
Seed containers
2x seed troughs and holder
2x seed trays
1x seed bin
2x seed troughs and holder
Toolbays 2x 3-slot toolbays 3x 3-slot toolbays
Raspberry Pi 4B
Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W
CPU speed
1.5GHz quad-core
1GHz quad-core
1 GB
512 MB
Real-time clock
Farmduino v1.6
Farmduino Express v1.1
Stepper drivers
5x TMC2130 integrated chips
4x TMC2130 integrated chips
4x NEMA 17 stepper motors
Rotary encoders
Closed-loop positioning
Yes, via encoders
Stall detection
Yes, via encoders
Yes, via driver chips
Solenoid valve
24V, normally closed
24V with EMI filter
LED light strip 1.5m
Extra peripheral plugs
2x extra plugs
LED indicators
2x user customizable
Push buttons
3x user customizable
Yes NEW!
Power supply
150W, IP67 waterproof
100W, IP67 waterproof
Input voltage
110 to 220V AC
Shipping dimensions
(main carton)
23cm x 43cm x 80cm
9 in x 17in x 31in
23cm x 43cm x 90cm
9 in x 17in x 35in
18cm x 50cm x 122cm
7in x 20in x 48in
Shipping dimensions
13cm x 13cm x 154cm
5in x 5in x 61in
13cm x 15cm x 154cm
5in x 6in x 61in
Shipping weight
US shipping
Worldwide shipping

Genesis v1.6

Genesis XL v1.6

Express v1.1

Express XL v1.1


Size Comparison

Genesis and Genesis XL

FarmBot Genesis size comparison

Express and Express XL

FarmBot Express size comparison
FarmBot software


You control and configure FarmBot using the free FarmBot web application at We expect to indefinitely offer free service adequate for home growing needs, though we may charge for commercial or industrial FarmBot usage, for FarmBots larger than 3m x 6m in area, for FarmBots growing large numbers of plants concurrently, for multi-bot/multi-user management, for advanced features, and/or for other increased account limits. You can always host the software on your own server if you do not want to use our service.

FarmBot warranty


We’re committed to providing you with the highest quality product. As we continue to develop FarmBot hardware and software, we will make changes. The final product that we ship to you may be different than the one shown in our videos, photos, documentation, and as described on our websites. If anything is damaged or defective, we will replace the parts free of charge within 30 days of delivery of the product. See our limited warranty for more information.

Support Policy

FarmBot requires basic computer and mechanical skills to install and operate. The majority of our customers do not require any technical support and are able to install FarmBot using the provided online materials. Initial setup will require several hours of configuration and learning to become completely operational. Please schedule adequate time to learn about the software and hardware systems.

While FarmBot is extremely customizable, we cannot provide support to customers that use unofficial parts or intend to use the device in ways it was not designed to operate. We provide limited troubleshooting and technical support for customers that require extra help with their installation. Free support is limited to 3 hours, is non-transferrable, and expires 24 months after purchase of a kit. Please read our full support policy for addditional details.

What you need to provide

FarmBot raised bed

Planter Bed

All FarmBots must be mounted to a raised bed or similar infrastructure. Neither materials for the bed nor soil are included with the kits because every installation will be different, and shipping lumber and soil would be prohibitively expensive.

FarmBot electricity


FarmBot must be plugged into a 110 or 220V outlet. The 30cm (1ft) power cord comes with a standard US 3-prong plug. You must connect this to your own extension cord if needed. Customers outside the US: you must provide a plug adapter if needed.

FarmBot water


FarmBot's water system has a 3/4″ female Garden Hose Thread (GHT) connection, meaning you can take a standard US garden hose and screw it into your FarmBot. You will need to provide a hose of the appropriate length.

FarmBot internet connection


FarmBot can only be controlled using the web app, so an internet connection is required. The Raspberry Pi has built-in WiFi, though you may need to reposition your WiFi router or install a repeater to ensure a reliable connection.

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