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Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now in stock!
Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now in stock!

Campaign Update 1

Hi FarmBot supporters! We wanted to fill you all in with the progress of our pre-order campaign. So far we've sold 8 FarmBot kits bringing us almost a quarter of the way to our goal!! To the early adopters and believers in this technology: thank you! 34414c7c-bb21-4af7-b9e7-fac24987725a

Frequently Asked Questions

Since starting the campaign, we've been asked quite a few questions. We put our answers to the most common ones in a little FAQ section on our homepage. Here's one that we found particularly important:
Q: FarmBot is open-source, so how is it also for sale? A: Being open-source means that all of the source files (CAD models, step-by-step assembly instructions, software, etc) are completely free so you can build and operate a FarmBot on your own – without our company. You can see and download all of these resources on our documentation hub. At the same time, being open-source also allows anyone to sell a compiled version of FarmBot such as a complete kit or hosted software. In fact, this is really important to do because it gives people options. The truth is that its a lot of work to purchase all of the components from around the Internet yourself, and there wouldn’t be any guarantee that they work with each other. Its also technically challenging to host and maintain the web app software on your own server. Whereas if you buy a kit, you’ll save a lot of time and get a complete product that is guaranteed to work and backed by our company. Then you get to play with designing new tools and figuring out new ways of using FarmBot, rather than struggling just to get it to work. Long story short, being open-source and also for sale are not mutually exclusive.
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