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August 15, 2017 Software Update

Hi all, As you may have read in the recent newsletter, our developer team is moving towards a "continuous delivery" workflow to bring more frequent updates to end users. This is our second incremental release since 5.0.0 came out earlier this month. Here's what's new:

New Features:

Ability to load current bot position into tool slot coordinate inputs when creating a tool slot. Disable home button and peripherals when the bot is still moving. Added the ability to run arbitrary Farmware by name within the sequence editor. Ability to add custom step names- just click the title to edit. You can use this feature to give each step a description (like programming comments) so that the sequence is easier to understand at a glance
  • Added a message to the FarmBot OS configuration screen when the browser is not supported.

Issues and Bug Fixes

  • Improvements to error messages when bot is offline.
  • Issue where app crashed on old versions of FBOS while visiting the FarmWare page.
  • Numerous fixes to account settings page
  • Logged in users are now forwarded to main app page when visiting

Improvements for Third Party Software Developers

  • Added a "debug" log channel. It is similar to the "info" channel, except the messages will not persist page refreshes.
  • Added a "busy" and "locked" flag to the device state tree (MQTT /status channel)
  • Updates to developer docs that account for new webpack-rails frontend build tooling.
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