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August 10, 2017 Software Update

Hi all, Since the big v5.0.0 announcement a few days ago we've gotten a few fixes and features out the door:
  • There was a bug with sub-sequence execution, when the parent sequence simply stopped when it got to an Execute command. This has been resolved in OS 5.0.1
  • If you had already upgraded to OS 5.0.0 and are now upgrading to OS 5.0.1, you'll see the progress indicator on the update button in the web app. Sometimes it will display as amount of data downloaded and sometimes as a percentage (depending on the GitHub server that it is being downloaded from)
  • Because the frontend and backend repositories were separated until v5.0.0, we had caching issues and problems with the app loading on iOS devices. Those issues have now been resolved
  • The jog buttons now become disabled and greyed out when FarmBot is busy doing a movement
  • The homepage styling has been updated to match the homepage :sunglasses:
  • Clear labels have been added to the dropdown menus for Pin Mode on the Write and Read Pin Commands
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