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Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now in stock!
Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now in stock!

April 4, 2018 Software Update

We updated today with the following new features and fixes: App:
  • FarmBot OS v6 is now required to sync Web App data to FarmBot. This requirement has allowed new features to be added, and since FarmBot OS v6 has been released over 60 days ago, the legacy support period for the previous FarmBot OS version has ended.
  • ‎An upgrade reminder toast will now display when legacy FarmBot OS versions are approaching the end of their legacy support period.
  • ‎FarmBot OS will now factory reset upon password change, allowing FarmBot to be configured with the new account credentials.
  • ‎Page errors will now attempt to restrict the error to only the page component that experienced the error.
  • Continued improvements to internationalization thanks to contributions on GitHub. (Interested in adding translations?)
Farm Designer:
  • Added App setting to display approximate movement and watering history while the garden map is open.
  • Display FarmBot’s position in the map when the virtual FarmBot travels beyond the edge of the map.
Farm Events:
  • Empty Regimen Farm Events are now rendered in the calendar to allow editing or deletion.
  • Display an indicator next to names in the sequence list when the sequence is a dependency of another resource. (Currently only updates upon app load.)
  • Emailed messages (Send Message command) now include the chosen device name.
  • ‎All resources that use a sequence are now displayed in the “deletion prevented” error toast.
  • Display an indicator next to names in the regimen list when the regimen is a dependency of another resource (Farm Events). (Currently only updates upon app load.)
  • Log filtering now occurs in the cloud, increasing performance and allowing more logs to be returned.
Today’s software release does not include an update to FarmBot OS.
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