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All kits ship FREE to US customers
All kits ship FREE to US customers

FarmBot for Commercial Production

See how farmers big and small can use FarmBot technology to reduce labor cost, improve efficiency, control inputs, and test new growing methods


FarmBot takes care of each plant individually, empowering you to quickly design and run experiments that test various growing methods, input quantities, timing, and more, all at a fraction of the cost. Compared with traditional experimentation, FarmBot has these distinct advantages:

  • Conduct experiments of any complexity without human error
  • Quickly and accurately repeat experiments
  • Run tests 24/7 and monitor the system remotely
  • Tedious experiments require no additional labor cost
  • Scale to as many plants as needed
  • Use the sequence builder instead of checklists
  • Run more tests with fewer scientists
  • Test unlimited groups simultaneously (not just A and B)
  • Systematiclly collect data at a high frequency
  • Run experiments that are traditionally too labor intensive


No longer is your growing operation limited to daylight hours or an 8-hour shift. With FarmBot, you can schedule operations to run at all hours of the day, non-stop, to ensure your plants are taken care of in the most optimal way.

Unlike human labor, FarmBot never fatigues, requires breaks, or even needs the sunlight to see what it is doing. Finally, you can get value out of every hour of every day.

Additionally, you can now perform tedious tasks in a cost effective manner, and training new FarmBots is as easy as copy and paste.

Yield, ROI, and Sustainability

One FarmBot Genesis device (1.5m x 3m in area) can continuously grow all of the veggies for one person’s needs while emitting 25% fewer CO2 emissions than standard US veggies. Take FarmBot off-grid and it gets even better.

With a return on investment period between three and five years, FarmBot grown veggies can be an economical alternative in areas suffering from farm labor shortages.



FarmBot is not just a standalone product – it is a farming platform that can be modified and augmented to meet the unique needs of your farming operation.

Interested in powering FarmBot with solar? We can show you how. Want to use collected rainwater instead of the tap? That’s easy. Need to systematically control the growing lights, heaters, and fans in your greenhouse? You can do all of that and more from the same FarmBot web interface that you’ll use to grow the plants.


Own the farm of tomorrow, today

The world population is rapidly increasing. Consumer preferences are shifting each and every week. Our impact on the environment necessitates immediate action.

Piloting and deploying FarmBot technology can help you unlock the new efficiencies and growing methods required to address the needs of 21st century food demand. You’ll also be joining a global community of other cutting-edge growers who have placed technology and innovation at the forefront of their strategy.