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Genesis v1.6 Upgrade Kit

Original price $475.00 - Original price $495.00
Original price
$475.00 - $495.00
Current price $475.00

This kit includes the major components needed to upgrade an older FarmBot Genesis or Genesis XL bot to the latest v1.6 hardware. It includes:

  • v1.6 Farmduino electronics board
  • Power Supply and Power Supply Cable with 3-pin connector
  • 24v Vacuum Pump with EMI Filter
  • 2-piece shielded Vacuum Pump Cable (Y-axis and Z-axis sections)
  • 2-piece shielded UTM cable  (Y-axis and Z-axis sections)
  • Rotary Tool with accessories

Please make sure to choose the correct FarmBot model (Genesis or Genesis XL) so that you receive the correct length cables.

Note: The v1.6 electronics operate at 24v. Genesis v1.2 and v1.3 electronics operated at 12v, so you will also need a 24v solenoid valve and 24v LED strip if you are upgrading from one of those versions. v1.2 kits may also need a larger electronics box.