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Plates and Brackets

  • Toolbay1


    from $8.00

    These toolbays hold FarmBot's tools, seed bins, and seed trays. We have 3-slot and 1-slot versions available. Thickness: 5mm Material: 5052 ...

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  • Gantry Wheel Plates 1

    Genesis v1.2 - v1.4 Gantry Wheel Plates


    The gantry wheel plates hold an array of v-wheels for interfacing with the tracks and have mounting holes for the gantry column. Note that these pl...

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  • Gantry Corner Brackets 1
    Save 33%

    Genesis v1.2 - v1.4 Gantry Corner Brackets

    Original price $60.00
    Current price $40.00

    The gantry corner brackets attached the gantry main beam to the gantry columns. They also have mounting holes for the x-axis motors. Note that ther...

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  • Belt Clips
    Sold out

    Genesis v1.2 - v1.4 Belt Clips


    These clips secure the ends of GT2 Belts to an aluminum extrusion. Belt clips are sold individually. Six are required for a complete FarmBot. ...

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  • Cross-Slide 1

    Genesis v1.3 - v1.5 Cross-Slide Plate


    The cross-slide plate has holes for mounting the y-axis motor, leadscrew block, long cable carrier mount, and a variety of v-wheels. Thickness: 5...

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  • Z-Axis Motor Mount
    Save 50%

    Genesis v1.3 - v1.5 Z-Axis Motor Mount

    Original price $20.00
    Current price $10.00

    This component securely attached the z-axis motor to the z-axis extrusion. Material: Machined 6061 Aluminum Surface Treatments ...

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  • Z hardstops

    Z-Axis Hardstops


    These components mount on the z-axis extrusion and physically limit how high and low FarmBot can move the z-axis. They are sold individually. Two a...

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  • Long Cable Carrier Mount
    Sold out

    Long Cable Carrier Mount


    This part allows the y-axis cable carrier to be mounted to the cross-slide plate. This mount is from the v1.3 design, and is compatible with both 5...

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  • Save 50%

    Genesis XL v1.4 Gantry Joining Bracket

    Original price $30.00
    Current price $15.00

    This bracket is used to join two gantry main beams end-to-end in order to form an XL gantry that is 3m in width.

  • v1.3 Electronics Mounting Plate
    Sold out

    v1.3 Electronics Mounting Plate


    This acrylic plate allows you to mount the v1.3 Farmduino and Raspberry Pi 3 into the v1.3 Electronics Box. Note: the plate comes with a brown prot...

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  • Seed Trough Holder Mount Plate


    This plate offsets the seed trough holder to position the troughs inline with the seed injector needle for Genesis kits. Material: 6061 Aluminum ...

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