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Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now in stock!
Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now in stock!
September 20, 2022 Software Update

September 20, 2022 Software Update

Today we deployed a new version of the FarmBot web app with a ton of new user interface improvements, features, and optimizations. Here’s what’s new:

Quick RUN buttons

New RUN buttons are now shown when hovering over a sequence in the sequences list. These allow you to quickly run any sequence without having to first open it.


Sequence info popup

The sequence description and other informational icons have all been collapsed into a single ? icon popup. The sequence description’s styling has also been improved for greater legibility and consistency (when the description contains markdown formatting).


Sequence and folder action popups

All of the other sequence and folder action buttons (delete, copy, move, etc) have been moved into 3-dot icon popups.


Sequence search highlighting

Added highlighting to better indicate which sequences and folders currently match the search term. Also fixed an issue where some sequences were being erroneously included in search results.


Take photo button progress indication

The take photo button on the controls panel will now indicate a rough progress to completion, keeping you more informed about what FarmBot is doing in realtime.

GO button progress indication

Added progress bar indication to the background of GO buttons throughout the app.

New pin bindings UI

You’ll now find a visual interface in the controls panel for configuring the pin bindings associated with the electronics box buttons. These new buttons are interactive, so clicking them virtually is just like clicking the physical button! And the LEDs reflect FarmBot’s LEDs too!


In addition to the everyday UI, there are also new setup wizard steps for configuring and testing the buttons.

Mounted tool graphic

Added a graphic of the front of the UTM and the currently mounted tool to the top of the tools panel for Genesis bots.


Voltage history plot

Added red/yellow/green bars to the top of the metric history plot for voltage history. Now all of the historical metrics are visualized on the plot to help identify issues that may occur only at certain times.


Power button popup

Added a power button popup to the controls panel for quickly turning FarmBot off or rebooting without having to go into the settings panel.


Simplified pin guard settings

The pin guard settings layout is now a more compact and legible table.


Camera settings improvements

Many of the photos panel’s setting fields are now inline with the setting’s label to offer a more compact and legible UI. Additionally, each setting now has a highlight anchor link such as this link to the minimum weed size setting for weed detection.



  • The Go to Home button is now disabled when FarmBot is already at the home position and a new popup indicates “FarmBot is already at the home position”.
  • Moved the SHOW ADVANCED SETTINGS option into a popup gear icon next to the settings search bar.
  • Moved the soil height and point grid accordions out of the points accordion and into the top level of the panel.
  • Added additional styling to seed troughs in the farm designer and tools panels.
  • Improved help text of the Home X/Y/Z and Boot Sequence setup steps.
  • Added emphasis and adjusted verbiage in certain setup steps to match the UI.
  • Improved the highlighting of UI elements in setup steps to provide better contrast and clearer instruction.
  • Prepared the setup wizard for FarmBot Express and Express XL v1.1 bots.
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