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Putting FarmBot Genesis MAX and Express MAX on hold

Putting FarmBot Genesis MAX and Express MAX on hold

We introduced FarmBot Genesis MAX and Express MAX models in November of 2019 with a Black Friday/Cyber launch event. In the 6 months since launch, we have unfortunately received very few pre-orders for these kits. Perhaps this is because the devices were simply too expensive for our average customer, because not very many people want a FarmBot that large, or because there were other concerns about the technology being used at that scale.

Because of the added cost and complexity to our business that would come with supporting these new FarmBots, and the financial difficulty associated with manufacturing only a small number of kits, we have decided that we must cancel the sale, production, and delivery of these models.

We are dismayed that we had to come to this conclusion and wish things could be different. However, the reality is that we're a very small company with limited resources. Thus, it is more strategic for us at this time to focus our efforts and capital on our more popular FarmBot models and ensure that our manufacturing runs benefit from economies of scale.

To all of our customers that pre-ordered a MAX kit, we thank you for your support of our vision in scaling FarmBot as big as it could go. We regret that we will not be able to fulfill your order as intended, though we will work with you to find an alternative FarmBot model for your needs, or issue a full refund if necessary.

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