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NEW PRICING! FarmBot Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now $200 off
NEW PRICING! Now save up $200 off a FarmBot
Now Available: Genesis v1.5 CAD Models

Now Available: Genesis v1.5 CAD Models

Starting today, all of the source CAD models for FarmBot Genesis, Genesis XL, and Genesis MAX v1.5 are available for anyone to view, copy, and modify.

This is our commitment at work in developing 100% open-source products, and we thank you for your support in this mission.

We look forward to seeing what you, our community of makers and hackers, do with these models to make FarmBot even better.

Ready to get a FarmBot?

Genesis and Genesis XL v1.5 are in-stock and get shipped from our California warehouse every two weeks. Meanwhile, Genesis MAX v1.5 is available for pre-order with an estimated delivery in Q3. Shop now!

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