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November 5, 2021 Software Update

November 5, 2021 Software Update

Today we deployed a new version of the FarmBot web app. Here’s what’s new:

Dissolved groups and gardens panels

The panel and functionality for creating and managing Groups has been dissolved into the Plants, Points, and Weeds panels. Now, to create or manage groups of one of these resource types, see the new collapsible PLANT GROUPS, POINT GROUPS, and WEED GROUPS sections and + Group buttons in each of the Plants, Points, and Weeds panels respectively. Additionally, the panel and functionality for creating and managing Gardens has been moved into a collapsible GARDENS section in the Plants panel.

With this change, all plant-related things (plants, plant groups, and gardens) are in one panel, all weed-related things (weeds and weed groups) are in one panel, and the same for all point-related things. We hope this makes navigating the app easier to understand for our new and veteran users.


Clip photos out of bounds

A new option to CLIP PHOTOS OUT OF BOUNDS allows you to hide areas of photos that are beyond the FarmBot’s working coordinate system, allowing for a clean looking photo scan of the whole garden.

Move objects with arrow keys

You can now move plants, points, and weeds around the map using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Simply select the item you wish you move (or multiple items!) and click the arrow keys to move the item(s) around in increments of 10mm.

Dissolved add to map panel

The panel and functionality for adding plants to the map has been dissolved into the Crop Details panel, with the grid and row planting form at the bottom of the panel. This reduces the number of clicks needed to add plants, which is a big timesaver when designing a whole new garden from scratch.



  • Improved the search algorithm on our hardware documentation hubs to surface more relevant content.
  • Added custom farm designer graphics for the upcoming Rotary Tool to be included with Genesis v1.6 kits.
  • A new function, .lua(string), is available in FarmBot Py allowing for arbitrary Lua calls from python.
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