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Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now in stock!
Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now in stock!
November 23, 2021 Software Update

November 23, 2021 Software Update

This week we deployed a new version of the FarmBot Web App and FarmBot OS. Here's what's new:

Bulk edit tools

You can now bulk edit the properties of plants, points, and weeds from the multi-select panel. Simply select which objects you would like to update, and then open up the “More” dropdown under SELECTION ACTIONS to view the bulk update options. Depending on the object type, you can bulk update radius, color, status, start date, and crop type.

Current coordinates display

You’ll now find FarmBot’s current coordinates displayed in the main navbar of the app, right next to the connectivity popup. This allows you to keep an eye on what FarmBot is doing from any panel in the app.

To make room for this addition, the synced/syncing indication has been merged into the connectivity icon. Now, whenever FarmBot is syncing, the icon will display as a spinning loader. Once synced, it will go back to the checkmark.

One Step Photo Grid

We have published a new public sequence that takes a grid of photos of your whole garden in just one step. To use the sequence, open up the share link ( and click IMPORT. Then schedule the imported sequence in an event, or run it via the EXECUTE command from a larger parent sequence.

Going forward we plan to create many more public sequences like this one enabling advanced FarmBot operations in a single step, as well as a panel in the app for you to browse and discover these shared sequences.


  • You can now edit a plant’s crop type from the plant details panel. Simply click the pencil icon next to the crop name to search for and choose a replacement.
  • The code required to take photos, detect weeds, calibrate the camera and more is now baked into FarmBot OS rather than needing to be downloaded upon every boot. This improves boot speed, particularly for FarmBots on slow internet connections.
  • Added documentation for the new Lua helper functions auth_token(), detect_weeds(), calibrate_camera(), garden_size(), and measure_soil_height().
  • Fixed a rendering issue with message center cards.
  • Improved the display of spread and current size indicators for large items near the edges of the FarmBot bed.
  • A new 3-dot menu has been added to every sequence in the sequences panel with actions to copy and delete the sequence.
  • Added a new setting that makes the browser beep when FarmBot sends a log message. Verbosity can be adjusted using the slider where increasing the value results in more frequent beeps.
  • Removed the AUTO UPDATE toggle switch. Now, to turn off auto updates, you can select the “Never” option in the update time dropdown.
  • Moved the option to display raw vs markdown log messages into the gear menu on the logs page.
  • Improved the poofing animation for plants and weeds to only occur when a new item is added (rather than every time the map is loaded).
  • Fixed a bug where the panel state would erroneously flash with certain mouse click events.
  • Added some additional drop shadows to improve the sense of hierarchy in app panels.
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