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November 18, 2019 Software Update

November 18, 2019 Software Update

Hi FarmBot community,

Last week we rolled out a handful of new features and fixes to the web app and FarmBot OS. Here’s what’s new:

Grid and row planting!

You can now quickly add a grid or row of plants to your garden by using the new form located in the ADD TO MAP panel in the farm designer. Simply provide the starting plant’s location, the number of plants you want in each direction, and the spacing. Then press the PREVIEW button, and if you’re happy with the grid/row, click SAVE.

This feature, combined with plant groups and sequence variables, makes it very fast and easy to set up a garden with a large number of plants.

Customizable update times

We added a dropdown menu in the Device widget allowing you to choose when FarmBot will APPLY SOFTWARE UPDATES. You can choose from any hour of the day, or as soon as possible, allowing you to ensure FarmBot only updates itself when it is idle and/or convenient. Note that the default time chosen for updates is 3:00 AM.

Other improvements

  • Fixed an issue where tooltips in the logs setting menu would not stay open.
  • Fixed an issue where some peripheral pins needed to have their I/O mode set before usage. Thanks @whitecaps for the report.
  • Firmware I/O logs (the ones that are extremely verbose) will now be automatically shutoff after 5 minutes.
  • We changed the beta opt-in toggle to a dropdown, allowing for additional FBOS release channels.
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