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March 4, 2022 Software Update

March 4, 2022 Software Update

This week we deployed a new version of the web app and some new featured sequences. Check it out:

Grid featured sequence

We’ve published a new featured sequence called Grid that executes a chosen subsequence at every point in the defined grid. Grids can be 1 dimensional (rows), 2D, or 3D, supporting a wide variety of use cases. For example, you could easily use the grid sequence to plant dozens or hundreds of seeds in a starter tray.

To use the Grid sequence with your FarmBot, simply open up the public link and click IMPORT.

Dispense water featured sequence

We’ve published a second new featured sequence called Dispense Water. This sequence requires a little bit of configuration (all outlined in the sequence description) that once setup, allows you to dispense water in milliliters. It works by using a Water Flow Coefficient that allows FarmBot to calculate how long to keep the solenoid valve open.

To use the Grid sequence with your FarmBot, open up the public link and click IMPORT. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this functionality.

Custom settings

There’s a new section in the settings panel for custom settings. To add a custom setting, enter the setting’s name (key) and corresponding value and press the plus button to save. You can then access the custom settings via the Lua env() function.

Custom settings are useful for sequences that need configuration but where you don’t want to have to pass the configuration value in as a sequence variable every time and where it would be inappropriate to hard-code the configuration value into the Lua code (such as for a publicly shared sequence).

Sequence description tooltips

You can now view a subsequence’s full description from the question mark tooltip.

Markdown in toast notifications

You can now use Markdown formatted text in toast notifications which is useful for adding emphasis, links, and more.


  • Fixed a bug where sequences of the same name but different capitalization would sometimes show incorrect sequence content.
  • Made minor improvements to the display of Markdown in sequence descriptions.
  • We’ve updated many of our featured sequences with job progress tracking functionality, giving you a better at-a-glance understanding of how the sequence is running.
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