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January 24, 2022 Software Update

January 24, 2022 Software Update

Check out what's new with the FarmBot software this week:

One-step mount and dismount tool sequences

We just published two new featured sequences: one for mounting tools to the Genesis UTM and the other for dismounting tools. What’s neat about these sequences is that they smartly work with any slot direction, they keep you informed of their progress via the Jobs popup, and they perform various checks to ensure success or let you know why they failed. For example, the Mount Tool sequence will not allow you to accidentally try to mount a tool when a different tool is already mounted!


To try out these sequences, click the links above to view a preview of the sequence. Then click the IMPORT button to add the sequence to your account. You can now use them as part of larger sequences, modify them, or schedule them on their own. Enjoy!

New Lua helpers and documentation

Over the last few months we have continuously added to the capabilities of the Lua sandbox built-in to FarmBot OS. With the latest release (FBOS v14.8.1) you’ll now find new helpers for interacting with the FarmBot API, getting parts of the current date/time, and more. We’ve also added documentation for the new job progress helpers as mentioned last update.

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