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Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now in stock!
Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now in stock!
Gardening is an Act of Freedom

Gardening is an Act of Freedom

"We can't fundamentally have freedom and autonomy and dignity and community power without some measure of control of our food systems," Penniman said. "I think this gardening interest arises from a visceral understanding of that truth." - NPR

We couldn't have made a stronger case for FarmBot or old fashioned gardening ourselves. In these unprecedented times it is important for everyone to examine their daily habits, reconsider where they focus their resources, and understand how we are all reliant on global supply chains.

FarmBot is a 100% open-source technology platform founded on the belief that a more open food system is a better one - that we will all benefit from the free sharing of the knowledge, tools, and processes needed to grow food. Through open sharing and guaranteeing user freedom, we build resilience into our life critical food systems - a paramount need especially in times of crisis.

FarmBot Express is our most economical offering

FarmBot Express has been designed specifically for the everyday user and efforts have been made to make these bots as affordable as possible. Setup time is just 1 hour because the kits come 95% pre-assembled.

Currently available in two sizes, FarmBot Express can produce enough veggies continuously for 1 person while Express XL can serve a family of 4.

Shipping is free in the US, with pre-orders expected to leave our warehouse towards the beginning of May.

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