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Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now in stock!
Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now in stock!
February 11, 2022 Software Update

February 11, 2022 Software Update

This week we deployed FarmBot OS v15 as well as a new version of the web app and updates to our software and developer documentation. Let’s get started:

New variable types

You can now add resource variables to sequences, which can be accessed via the Lua variable() function. Within the resource variable type are three allowed resources: peripherals, sensors, and sequences. This allows you to create dynamic sequences that, for example, can execute different subsequences or use different sensors based on the variable inputs.

To add one of these new variable types to your sequence, click the VARIABLES + button followed by the RESOURCE option. Note that at this time these variables can only be externally defined.

New Lua helpers

  • sequence() is used to execute a subsequence by ID with optional variables.
  • rpc() is used to wrap a CeleryScript node into an rpc_request.
  • gcode() will send raw G code to the Farmduino.
  • Addition of an optional safe_z modifier to the move_absolute() function.

v15 software and developer docs

The software and developer documentation hubs have been updated with the following additions and improvements:

  • Reorganization of software docs pages to mimic how the app is laid out.
  • Shorter, more consistent URLs.
  • A new page for the new variable types.
  • Update to the variables page images to reflect the latest UI.
  • Update to the groups page to reflect that functionality being dissolved into the plants, points, and weeds panels.
  • Cleaned up the source code for YouTube video embeds.
  • Documentation for the new Lua helper functions mentioned above.
  • Removal of old/outdated content.
  • Additional details for using plug and play cameras.
  • New documentation for internal tasks such as creating customer support tokens and publishing FBOS releases.
  • Moved the automatically generated example API requests from a gist to the developer docs.

OS download wizard

We’ve updated the FarmBot OS download page with a new wizard to help guide users in selecting the correct .img file for their FarmBot version and its internal computer.


FarmBot OS v15

The latest release of FarmBot OS includes the following changes:

  • Updated a dependency to fix WiFi issues that could arise when FarmBot is near some types of mesh networks.
  • Implemented an automatic reboot at the chosen AUTO UPDATE time after 30 days of uptime in order to refresh FarmBot’s access token with the API. Note that the reboot will happen after 30 days even if auto updates are disabled.
  • Removed an outdated/less-secure SSH access module.
  • Support for the new Lua helpers and resource variables mentioned above.

In addition, the FarmBot OS v15 release marks the end of an era here at FarmBot Inc. Our original software developer of 8+ years, @RickCarlino, has moved on from the company to pursue new opportunities. Over his tenure, Rick architected and built much of the software you all use to operate your FarmBot everyday, and I am very grateful for his dedication to the project. It has been my pleasure and honor to know and work alongside Rick for so long, and I wish him the very best in his new endeavors. Thank you Rick for your incredible contributions to FarmBot and this community! ❤️


  • Fixed several bugs in the setup wizard where some controls and feedback mechanisms were not working.
  • Made the UPGRADE TO LATEST button on shared sequences say REVERT CHANGES when there have been changes made to a local copy but the version is the same as the public copy.
  • Default values are now optional via the “None” option.
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