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FarmBot Software: Now Openly Developed

FarmBot Software: Now Openly Developed

Ever since we started the FarmBot project, our software source code has been openly available on GitHub while our core development workflows and project management has primarily happened in private.

While this practice served us well for a few years, we're now ready to open up more of our process to the public.

Starting last month, we began moving our project management and feature development tracking to GitHub, giving 3rd party developers an open look into what we're up to, and a greater opportunity for anyone to get involved.

If you're interested in FarmBot's software development and design, we encourage you to check out our repositories and project boards.

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Since finishing up last month's launch campaign for FarmBot Express and Express XL, we've already begun our next manufacturing run. This time around we've decided to produce 700 new FarmBot kits - our biggest run yet!

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