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FarmBot + Skynet Instant Messaging

FarmBot needs to be able to communicate with a cloud based server in order to receive instructions and to send back acquired data. SkyNet is an open communications platform and API for the Internet of things that allows us to do just that. By using the SkyNet platform, we are able to save a ton of work by not having to develop our own communication tools, authentication scheme, or backend service to handle the streams of data. Instead, our devices simply turn on, authenticate and connect with SkyNet automatically, and we are able to start passing data securely. We are very excited to be using this up and coming platform for the FarmBot Project, and especially gracious to Chris Matthieu for developing this awesome platform and helping our developers implement it. If you are interested in the Internet of Things, the SkyNet platform, NodeJS, or just have some questions, Chris would love to talk with you! You can also follow SkyNet on Facebook, Twitter, and GitHub.
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