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FarmBot in Schools Across the Nation

FarmBot in Schools Across the Nation

FarmBot has been adopted by hundreds of schools across the US for teaching robotics, agriculture, coding, and many other STEM subjects. See how one school in Orange County, California has implemented this cutting edge device in their curriculum.

"The FarmBot is controlled by cell phone. Once data about the different plants is entered, the robot does the rest - even picking up different tools with the magnetic arm. Its really good for the kids who might not necessarily see the value in agriculture. Since the FarmBot has been working all Summer, the crops will be harvest when kids come back to school."

Control FarmBot with AI

Learning to use AI is now a part of the FarmBot student experience. Using our GPT-powered LUA command, students of any skill level can now write plain-English prompts for actions they would like the FarmBot to take. An AI will then write custom commented code that the student can view and modify right in the web browser.

This is a great way for students to learn the basics of programming through examples tailored to their FarmBot and goals.

Once the generation is complete, students can review the code and make any necessary modifications, rate the generation, save the sequence, and try it out!

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