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Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now in stock!
Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now in stock!
Every Plant, Ever

Every Plant, Ever

In celebration of the Spring Equinox, our talented designer Claire Dierksen (maker of all the plant icons you see in the FarmBot web app) has teamed up with Apple Design Award winning developer Ryan McLeod to launch today Every Plant, Ever, a sticker pack for iOS!

Finally, you can share the plant cuteness with all your friends. Download the pack.

From the design team:

Do you lay awake at night, racked with anxiety that, someday, you will need to convey a very specific message to someone by using a very specific combination of plant emojis, but the current finite selection of plant emojis won’t be able to communicate the full emotional gravity of said message?

Fear not, the Every Plant Ever sticker pack is here to fill the hole in your life left by your parents inability to show affection in any way other than buying you stuff, like these stickers (which, at some point in the future, *might* consist of every plant in existence).

So far there are 59 peppers, 15 mushrooms, 29 herbs, 60 fruits, and 90 veggies, with more being added monthly. And all of these plants are also available in the FarmBot web app's farm designer.

Make the virtual plants real

Order a FarmBot and take your love of these stickers into the real world :)
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