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NEW PRICING! FarmBot Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now $200 off
NEW PRICING! Now save up $200 off a FarmBot

Campaign Update 3

Hi FarmBot supporters! Quick update: we've now received 25 pre-orders, bringing us to 78% of our funding goal! Thank you to everyone who has shared this project, signed up for our newsletter, and pre-ordered a kit! We can't wait to see what everyone does with FarmBot. 054223e6-0895-4591-ad9c-e45ee12cdf01-1

Amazing Growth

(and growing pains)
Since starting this project about three years ago, I have never had more people on the FarmBot website than the day I published the whitepaper. 3 days ago you all smashed that record, and then again 2 days ago, and again yesterday, and yes, once again today!
With the surge in traffic you may have noticed things loading slooowly. We've fixed that with a combination of site optimizations, a better server configuration, and use of a CDN. We're ready for the growth to continue!
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