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August 10, 2022 Software Update

August 10, 2022 Software Update

This week we deployed some awesome updates to the web app as well as a new version of FBOS. Here’s what’s new:

Movement button upgrade

The movement buttons on the controls panel have been majorly upgraded to provide additional information, better error handling, and a more responsive look and feel:

  • +X, -X indicators are now shown in the top left corners of each arrow button.
  • Arrow buttons now act as progress bars whenever FarmBot is executing a movement initiated by the buttons, typing in coordinates and pressing GO, and even when FarmBot is executing MOVE commands from a sequence.
  • The arrow for the Move to Home button is now dynamically pointed along the axes FarmBot will travel to when moving home, depending on where the map origin is for your FarmBot.
  • Clicking one of the movement buttons when FarmBot is unable to carry out that movement will now show an informational popup with the reason why. For example, when the axis is already at the minimum or maximum position, or when FarmBot is already busy or offline.

Connectivity popup improvements

The HISTORY tab of the connectivity popup now shows when the FarmBot OS version has changed which can help reveal if there is a big performance variation from version to version.

Offline time is now better rendered as gaps in the plot lines, rather than continuous straight lines between long intervals of time with no metric data.

And finally, you’ll now find the version of the Raspberry Pi reported in the FARMBOT INFO pane.


  • FBOS v15.3.2 fixes an issue where long sequences would silently fail. Thank you @Kay for reporting this issue and @jsimmonds for the bug fix! This version also fixes a long standing issue with hidden SSID WiFi networks.
  • Fixed a performance issue affecting accounts with a lot of plants/weeds/points, a lot of groups, and/or a lot of sequence commands with a dropdown menu containing groups. Thank you to the forum members who helped report and diagnose this issue!
  • Restricted group member selection animations for groups with more than 100 members.
  • Restricted the constantly changing sorting preview for groups with random sort ordering and more than 50 members.
  • Fixed a rare issue where password resets would not work if the Terms of Service had not been agreed to.
  • Fixed a styling issue with the plus sequence command buttons.
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