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Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now in stock!
Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now in stock!
April 29, 2022 Software Update

April 29, 2022 Software Update

Today we have another big update for you spanning our app, FarmBot OS, and our documentation. Let’s get started:

Fullscreen map view

You can now view the farm designer map in fullscreen on desktop computers by clicking the left-most nav icon.

Garden notes

You can now add NOTES to your saved gardens for easily remembering key details such as when to start, what is included in each garden, where to buy seeds, etc.


Customizable landing page

You can choose any page of the app to be the LANDING PAGE that gets shown when you first login to the app.


Refreshed weeds and points panels

The weeds and points panels now have a simplified interface featuring a color selector in the top right of the panel header, the ability to click the name in the header for editing, fewer redundant labels, and more consistent styling with other parts of the app.


When mousing over and selecting a point, you will now see the point with a dotted line animation for better spotting it within the map.


FarmBot OS download page refresh now has images to help users pick the correct version of FarmBot OS. In addition, the default user flow is to now go through the wizard, rather than first being presented with a table of all the options.


Documentation hub improvements

We’ve added new features to all of our documentation hubs including a better navigation experience when using a small screen:


Collapsible navigation and table of contents sections for full-screen viewing of documentation content, as well as hover images and links for many parts:



  • Now when you delete all steps in a sequence, the new inline Add Command UI will automatically shown and have the search field focused, rather than the old Add Command button.
  • Improved the meta description of the web app to improve SEO and when the app is shared on social media.
  • Dropdown search results now support pluralized key terms, so “Plants” will show the same results as “Plant”.
  • The weeds panel has been simplified to show all of the dropdown categories of weeds in the top-level of the panel, rather than nested an extra layer deep.
  • Fixed a bug where the sequence description would not update when switching sequences in the full editor.
  • You can now delete individual logs using the trash can icon shown when hovering over a log.
  • The edit regimen panel header now has a refreshed interface to match the edit sequence panel header.
  • Improved the handling of FarmBot OS boot sequence edge cases.
  • Updated many of our featured sequences to use the DURATION feature of the jobs popup.
  • Published a new lesson plan to our Open Education Resources hub for calculating the CO2 emissions of using FarmBot.
  • Added documentation for the newest lua helpers get_seed_tray_cell() and verify_tool().
  • Updated our configurator troubleshooting documentation.
  • Improved the purchase part links on BOM part pages.
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