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April 27, 2018 Software Update

We updated today with the following new features and fixes: Farm Designer:
  • Added an option to rotate the garden map 90 degrees by swapping the X and Y axes. The option can be found in the Controls page Move widget settings menu.
  • The left panels can now be hidden by pressing the MAP navigation tab to enter a map-only garden view.
  • Error messages during deletion of multiple plants now indicate the plants and the Sequences in which they are used.
  • Fixed garden map plant move and placement actions for some browsers.
Farm Events:
  • FarmBot OS v6.4.0 Allow back-scheduling of Regimen Farm Events. Since Regimens begin at the start of day, the form has been simplified to a date input.
  • Improved “next run” notification text:
    • Display simplified message when auto-sync is enabled.
    • Show calculated time of the next scheduled Regimen item execution.
  • Added option to Move widget settings menu to swap X and Y axis jog buttons. (Also reorients the garden map; see Farm Designer.)
  • Controls pop-up jog buttons now disable when FarmBot is busy, like the Move widget jog buttons.
  • Indicate the ability to delete a tool in the tool form. (To be deleted, a tool must be inactive.)
  • Fixed bug where logs would not display when filter settings were decreased.
  • More descriptive account password change form error notifications.
FarmBot OS (v6.4.0):
  • Regimens will now resume execution upon boot if they have been scheduled in the past. This allows back-scheduling of Regimens in Farm Events and persistence of Regimens across reboots.
  • Improved formatting of the alert email sent if FarmBot has been emergency stopped for over 10 minutes.
  • Added support for the new Raspberry Pi 3 B+.
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