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Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now in stock!
Genesis and Genesis XL v1.7 are now in stock!
April 13, 2022 Software and Documentation Update

April 13, 2022 Software and Documentation Update

Today we have a little update for you all. Here’s what’s new:

In-app featured sequences

You can now find all of our featured sequences in-app in a new section in the sequences panel. We hope this will make discovery and use of these advanced FarmBot functions (and eventually more community created content) easier.

To quickly preview what a sequence does, you can click the question mark icon to view the sequence description. And to quickly import a sequence, click the download icon.

Job duration tracking

The Jobs popup will now show the DURATION of time that a job has been executing for, as well as the total time it took to complete. Over the coming week we will update many of the featured sequences to use this functionality as well.

Additionally, various FarmBot OS tasks such as detecting weeds now utilize the job progress tracking popup to offer additional information to users that they are in-progress.

Wood post and pier block supporting infrastructure plans

The FarmBot Genesis documentation hub now includes more detailed instructions for installing wood post and pier block supporting infrastructure.


Genesis CAD links

The latest version of the FarmBot Genesis docs features links to the CAD model of (nearly) every part in the kit. Simply navigate to the part page in the Bill of Materials section of the site and click the CAD Model link in the spec table or in the top right of the page’s content.

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