April 4, 2018 Software Update

We updated my.farm.bot today with the following new features and fixes:


  • FarmBot OS v6 is now required to sync Web App data to FarmBot. This requirement has allowed new features to be added, and since FarmBot OS v6 has been released over 60 days ago, the legacy support period for the previous FarmBot OS version has ended.
  • ‎An upgrade reminder toast will now display when legacy FarmBot OS versions are approaching the end of their legacy support period.
  • ‎FarmBot OS will now factory reset upon password change, allowing FarmBot to be configured with the new account credentials.
  • ‎Page errors will now attempt to restrict the error to only the page component that experienced the error.
  • Continued improvements to internationalization thanks to contributions on GitHub. (Interested in adding translations?)

Farm Designer:

  • Added App setting to display approximate movement and watering history while the garden map is open.

  • Display FarmBot’s position in the map when the virtual FarmBot travels beyond the edge of the map.

Farm Events:

  • Empty Regimen Farm Events are now rendered in the calendar to allow editing or deletion.


  • Display an indicator next to names in the sequence list when the sequence is a dependency of another resource. (Currently only updates upon app load.)
  • Emailed messages (Send Message command) now include the chosen device name.
  • ‎All resources that use a sequence are now displayed in the “deletion prevented” error toast.


  • Display an indicator next to names in the regimen list when the regimen is a dependency of another resource (Farm Events). (Currently only updates upon app load.)


  • Log filtering now occurs in the cloud, increasing performance and allowing more logs to be returned.

Today’s software release does not include an update to FarmBot OS.

March 15, 2018 Software Update

We updated my.farm.bot today with the following new features and fixes:


  • Added an option to have the browser also read aloud log messages on the “Speak” channel that are spoken by FarmBot.

  • Added take photo button to the controls pop-up.
  • Improvements to internationalization thanks to contributions on GitHub. (Interested in adding translations?)
  • An animation is now shown during syncing.
  • Account verification email improvements and bug fixes.
  • A large amount of background work was done to support future app features including better dependency tracking, sensors, and settings storage.

Farm Designer:

  • Render camera photos in the garden map if the camera has been calibrated. Map images can be filtered by date and time via the garden map menu using date and time inputs or a date slider. Photos will only be displayed in the map if they match the camera calibration data.

  • Added plant status (“planned”, “planted”, “harvested”). Planted at time now changes to the current time when a plant’s status is changed to “planted”. (Thanks to renaud and creimers for the feature requests.)

  • Fixed major grid line placement with dynamic map enabled.
  • Show current position upon UTM figure hover.

Farm Events:

  • Improved dropdown menu for Sequence or Regimen selection.


  • FarmBot OS 6.3.0 Added a new Sensors widget. Add sensors to take and view sensor readings.


  • FarmBot OS configuration settings (FarmBot OS 6.2.0) and FarmBot firmware settings (FarmBot OS 6.3.0) are now attached to your web app account, which means they will persist across SD card flashes and can be edited even when FarmBot is offline. When FarmBot is online and a setting is changed, the input will indicate when the App setting has been received by FarmBot.
  • FarmBot OS 6.3.0 Added a button to download firmware settings in the Hardware widget. Clicking the button allows copying of all settings to paste externally if desired (for troubleshooting, sharing, etc.).


  • Added a Farmware selection drop-down to the Run Farmware step in addition to manual input. (Thanks to Klimbim for the feature request.)
  • Improved IfRead Pin, and Write Pin pin selection drop-downs.
  • FarmBot OS 6.3.0 Peripherals and sensors can now be selected in IfRead Pin, and Write PinSequence steps instead of having to manually input a pin number.

  • Improved Move Absolute step Import coordinates from dropdown menu.

FarmBot OS (v6.2.0):

  • FarmBot OS settings (logs options, auto update and sync) are now stored in the App.
  • Sync speed and online detection improvements.

FarmBot OS (v6.3.0):

  • FarmBot firmware settings are now stored in the App.
  • FarmBot can now be e-stopped when homing on boot.
  • Added support for Sensors and Peripherals in sequences.
  • Fixed OS update bugs.

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January 29, 2018 Software Update

We updated my.farmbot.io and FarmBot OS today with the following new features and fixes:


  • Fixed bug that limited the ability to disable internationalization. (Thanks Klimbim for the bug report.)
  • Improved recovery from loading errors.

Farm Designer:

  • Change icons for plants selected for deletion to grayscale.

  • Render toolbay slots in the garden map if a slot orientation is selected for the slot on the Tools page.


  • Gray out parameters that are not used unless enabled by a different parameter. For example, encoder options are grayed out if encoders are disabled.
  • Fixed bugs related to device connectivity display.


  • Display a warning if the current hardware settings conflict with Find Home or Move Absolute step inputs. Hover over the warning symbol for additional information.

  • Added Speak channel to sequence Send Message commands. If selected, FarmBot will speak the message over the audio port.


  • Added toolbay slot orientation selection dropdown menu. This and the use current location feature have been moved into a toolbay slot options pop-up menu.

FarmBot OS (v6.1.2):

  • Send an email if FarmBot has been emergency stopped for more than 10 minutes.
  • Improved movement complete response time (Thanks Klimbim for the bug report.)
  • Misc. OS update bug fixes.

January 21, 2018 Software Update

We updated my.farmbot.io and FarmBot OS today with the following new features and fixes:


  • Dates and times (Farm Events, Logs) now match FarmBot’s local timezone (set in the Device widget).
  • Web app settings are now stored on the server instead of the browser. This means app settings will now persist across all of your devices and browsers. Some settings may need to be updated.
  • Improved offline detection.
  • E-STOP is now greyed out when FarmBot is offline.
  • Updated documentation links.
  • Fixed a bug related to losing new unsaved changes created immediately after saving old changes.
  • Misc. bug fixes.

Farm Designer:

  • New “Move to coordinate” mode. Enter the mode via a button in the map menu, select a location in the map, and click the button to move FarmBot to that location. The z-axis will remain at the current height, or can be chosen by using the Z coordinate input box.

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements related to selecting and deselecting plants across modes.
  • Plant spread circles using default values are now styled differently.
  • Made map zoom increments more even.

Farm Events:

  • Improved calendar performance.
  • The number of calendar items hidden for performance reasons is now displayed in the last repeating event item.
  • Improved handling of farm events that generate no calendar items.

Controls (and controls pop-up):

  • Move widget jog buttons are now disabled when movement is not possible in that direction (i.e. at axis end with STOP AT HOME or STOP AT MAX enabled).
  • Jog button hover text now includes the jog distance and direction in addition to the axis.


  • Display important changes to FarmBot OS by clicking Release Notes.

  • Show latest available FarmBot OS version upon update button hover. (Thanks to Klimbim for the feature request.)
  • Improved update performance of board type display.
  • Moved FarmBot OS auto update toggle to a new row.


  • Scroll to bottom of a sequence when adding steps.

FarmBot OS (v6.1.0):

  • Fixed a bug causing SD card storage space to run out. Please update your FarmBot by clicking Updatein the Device widget. If your FarmBot is offline, please flash the SD card with the FarmBot OS v6.0.1 image [direct link], then update by clicking Update in the Device widget.

New Year, New Domain

This year we decided to switch over to a new domain name: farm.bot. When we first heard about the .bot top level domains, we got pretty excited at the prospect of registering and using farm.bot for all of our operations. However, the .bot TLD wasn’t available until just about a month ago. So as soon as we got it, we began making the transition. As of today, you can find all of our primary sites at the following new locations instead of our old farmbot.io domain.

We plan to switch over our company email addresses as well, and eventually the web application URL to my.farm.bot but we’re not there yet. Stay tuned for future announcements!

Thank you to all of our first-generation supporters

Dear 1st generation FarmBot supporters,

In July of 2016 we launched our first product to the world: FarmBot Genesis. We didn’t know what to expect when we made the kits available for pre-order on our website, but you all made it clear that we were on to something.

In the first month we smashed our crowdfunding goal of $100,000 eight times over and by the end of August we had sold $1M+ worth of FarmBot kits destined to customers all over the world. We went to manufacture 350 v1.2 devices, which we sold out of in January of 2017, and later shipped in March and April.

Since then we’ve designed, manufactured, and shipped a second production run of 250 improved v1.3 devices, and now we find ourselves finishing up a crowdfunding campaign for the latest v1.4 design, as well as the first FarmBot Genesis XL kits.

None of this would have been possible without your early contribution and support, and we sincerely thank you for taking a leap of faith with us.

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While we don’t have a ton of products in our online shop yet, we do plan to add many more partial kits, upgrade kits, and individual parts over the coming months, so you may want to wait a bit to use the coupon.

The coupon code is farmbot-early-adopter-thank-you and it can be applied at checkout. Heads up: it will only work if you check out with the same email address you used with your original FarmBot pre-order. If you need to use a different email address, please let us know.

Thank you again for joining us on this journey. We look forward to what’s next!

December 21, 2017 Software Update

Over the next two days, we will be rolling out updates to both my.farmbot.io and FarmBot OS. The updates are centered around two main features: an auto-sync option and improved logging. Below is a summary of some of the new features and fixes. Features marked with FarmBot OS 6.0.1 will only be available once FarmBot OS is updated.


  • FarmBot OS 6.0.1: Aded an option to enable auto-syncing between the Web App and FarmBot OS, instead of choosing when to manually sync data. This community-requested feature is useful for getting small stable changes to FarmBot quickly, but it is recommended to use manual sync when making large changes that are not yet ready to be executed by FarmBot. The toggle is available in the Device widget of the Device page. (Thanks to creimers for the feature request.)
  • Add Logs page to navigation bar.

Farm Designer:

  • Cache OpenFarm plant icons in the browser for faster repeated icon load times.
  • Improved Farm Event calendar item presence with respect to current time.


  • Added a button to add all default Farmduino peripherals.
  • FarmBot OS 6.0.1: Scaled encoder feedback now displays in millimeters instead of steps.
  • FarmBot OS 6.0.1: Fixed peripheral pin status display bug after emergency stop. (Thanks to Klimbim for the bug report.)


  • FarmBot OS 6.0.1: Added widget to set and remove Raspberry Pi GPIO pin bindings to allow start of a sequence by pressing a physical button (or by motion sensor output).
  • FarmBot OS 6.0.1: Device widget settings to adjust or disable factory reset on WiFi network connection/configuration error. This is useful to prevent FarmBot from needing to be reconfigured if its Internet connection goes out temporarily.
  • FarmBot OS 6.0.1: Added a homing speed parameter in the motors section of the Hardware widget.
  • Added Pin Guard to hardware settings. Use pin guard to automatically turn pins off that are accidentally left on.


  • Only allow importing locations from active tools (tools in tool slots) in Move Absolute steps.
  • Fixed a bug where the ghost image displayed during drag and drop of Sequence commands was not showing.
  • Added the ability to specify a reduced speed for relative and absolute movements.


  • Added a button to add all standard FarmBot tools.


  • Color range selection interface bug fixes and improvements.
  • Camera calibration and weed detection widgets now use the Device is offline overlay when FarmBot OS is disconnected.
  • FarmBot OS 6.0.1: Farmware input forms and API changes. Automatically add an input form on the Farmware page for any Farmware that requires input values (specified via config in a Farmware’s manifest file). (Additional Farmware development details)


  • FarmBot OS 6.0.1: Log messages are now saved to the backend individually as they are sent, rather than being batch uploaded.
  • FarmBot OS 6.0.1: Show bot position for each log message.
  • FarmBot OS 6.0.1: Verbosity levels for log messages. (Thanks to mdingena for the suggestion.) Logs can be filtered by verbosity level in the ticker and Logs page via the Logs page filter menu. Two presets are included in addition to the more granular level adjustments: normal and max verbosity. The higher the verbosity number, the more logs you will see.
  • FarmBot OS 6.0.1: Ability to disable Sequence Complete log messages (Thanks to Klimbim for the feature request.)
  • FarmBot OS 6.0.1: Ability to toggle sequence step execution and sequence end log message creation.
  • FarmBot OS 6.0.1: Axis homing complete log messages (Thanks to Klimbim for the feature request.)
  • FarmBot OS 6.0.1: Ability to toggle Arduino communication log messages: commands sent, responses, and debug messages.
  • Improve formatting for long log messages in the log ticker and on the Logs page.

FarmBot OS and Firmware:

  • FarmBot OS 6.0.1: FarmBot OS has been extensively reworked to improve performance and stability and to allow for new auto-sync, logging, and other new features.
  • FarmBot OS 6.0.1: Raspberry Pi to Farmduino/Arduino communication has been improved to reduce movement and communication errors.
  • FarmBot OS 6.0.1: Axis calibration now moves back to the home position after determining axis length.
  • FarmBot OS 6.0.1: Encoders now keep track of FarmBot’s position even when the motors are not running.
  • FarmBot OS 6.0.1: FarmBot OS Configurator has been redesigned to increase browser compatibility and stability. Configuration is now a multi-step process with an improved interface.
  • FarmBot OS 6.0.1: Increased the maximum allowed value for the firmware axis length parameters.

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