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It's time for FarmBot Express and Genesis MAX

It's time for FarmBot Express and Genesis MAX

At 18m long, FarmBot Express MAX and Genesis MAX are the largest FarmBots we've ever made. They're suitable for small commercial farming, cutting edge research, and gardening on a massive scale. We can't wait to see what you'll grow with them.

Pre-order now during our Black Friday/Cyber Monday launch event and save $1,000 off MSRP for Express MAX and $1,500 off for Genesis MAX.

FarmBot Express MAX

Express MAX covers more area per dollar than any of our other FarmBots. In fact, compared to our original FarmBot (Genesis v1.0) launched in 2016, Express MAX is about 9x more economical!

FarmBot Genesis MAX

Genesis MAX is the largest, most advanced, and most customizable FarmBot we offer. It covers 12x the area of Genesis, 3x the area of Genesis XL, and 125% the area of Express MAX.
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