Interchangeable Tooling

These ones come standard. What will you create?

Universal Tool Mount

Featuring 12 electrical connections, three liquid/gas lines, and magnetic coupling, the UTM can support any tool you can imagine.


FarmBot’s camera takes photos of your plants and soil in order to detect weeds, track plant growth, and one day identify pests and disease.

Seed Injection

Powered by a 12 volt vacuum pump, the seed injector can precisely position seeds in the ground with millimeter accuracy. Interchangeable luer lock needles allow you to work with both small and large seeds.


Coupled with a 12 volt solenoid valve, this tool allows you to precision water your plants with a gentle shower. The two-piece design allows you to customize the spray pattern with by 3D printing your own alternative.

Weed Suppression

Stomp out weeds before they become a problem with this customizable weed suppression tool. The blades and spikes come standard, though you could add corkscrews and other shapes depending on your environment.

Soil Sensor

By measuring the moisture content of the soil, FarmBot can be configured to take care of your crops in more water-efficient ways. For example: it can avoid watering after a rain.

Seed Bins

Seed bins are for holding large amounts of one type of seed. They are best used when planting many plants of the same crop, for example: when growing microgreens.

Seed Trays

The seed trays have 16 small area for holding seeds. They are best used when planting many different crops, and when the number of seeds per hole needs to be strictly controlled.

Premium Hardware

We’ve gone through great lengths to design, manufacture, and source only the highest quality components for our kits

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