Luer Lock Needles

from $15.00

These interchangeable needles are used with the FarmBot Seed Injector to pick up seeds and deposit them in the soil. We have three sizes: 16, 19, a...

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Red Plugs

Red Markers


Used to calibrate FarmBot's camera for pixel to coordinate conversion software (used for Weed Detection). Sold in packs of 2. Material...

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60mm zip ties

Zip Ties

from $1.00

Zip ties are used to attach wires to the UTM electrical connection screws, to fasten the vacuum pump, and for cable management throughout FarmBot. ...

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2mm Driver

Assembly Tools

from $2.00

These tools are used for the assembly of your FarmBot. Sold individually or as a set.

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Sockit Box


This rainproof box can be used to protect electrical connections from rain, animals, children, and dirt.


Wire Nuts


Used to connect two wires together. Sold in packs of 2.